Marine Corps Cadences

Downloading:  This page is set up for both streaming and downloading.  IE (or NS) 4 & 5 users:  Right-click RA or MP3, select save target as (or save file as), and pick your destination directory.  NS 3 users:  Due to some sort of bug, NS 3 users usually get only a screen full of garbage when trying to download RA files. To get around this, I've ZIPped the MP3 files. So click on ZIP to download a ZIPped MP3 file (remember, you'll need to unZIP these files before you can work with them).  When all else fails:  If you have a player without a save feature, and it insists on popping up, grabbing hold of the files, and playing them, let the tunes play through to the end (don't do anything else with your computer while they're playing), then look for them in C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files. From there you can check that they're OK, then move or copy them to your preferred work directory.


Sound Files require an audio program, such as the FREE RealPlayer or the FREE Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Running Cadence Calls (aka "jodies")

1.1,2,3,4 UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS ZIP / MP3 / streaming 4:02
2.Boot Camp Cadence Medley ZIP / MP3 / streaming 2:21
3.Cadence Medley ZIP / MP3 / streaming 6:03
4.Chesty Puller/Momma & Pappa ZIP / MP3 / streaming 4:04
5.Give Me That Old Marine Corps Spirit ZIP / MP3 / streaming 2:41
6.I Am Marine Corps Infantry ZIP / MP3 / streaming 1:13
7.I Love Working for Uncle Sam ZIP / MP3 / streaming 2:46
8.Motivation & Dedication ZIP / MP3 / streaming 2:12
9.My Grandaddy Was a Horse Marine ZIP / MP3 / streaming 2:19
10.My Marine Corps Colors ZIP / MP3 / streaming 1:03
11.Recruit cadence medley ZIP / MP3 / streaming 5:08
12.Recruits Running ZIP / MP3 / streaming 4:35
13.Recruits Running Cadence ZIP / MP3 / streaming 7:39
14.Running Cadence ZIP / MP3 / streaming 3:18
15.Up in the Morning ZIP / MP3 / streaming 1:47

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